Friday, September 11, 2015

FALL 2015 makeup trend

Hello everyone,
how you doing?
It's been so long didn't catch up with my fellow readers here!
Been so so busy lately, and I've changed my hair color.. again. LOL!
Nah so today I'm gonna posted my makeup tutorial as seen on my instagram (if you followed me there) and you can read the tittle above, been posting about FALL 2015 makeup trend.

Check out the pics bellow!

I'm in love with Kendall Jenner's makeup.
So here I am with my experiments and her pic as reference, and also didn't forget I posted on youtube as well.
Go check it out! :)

How do I look?
I don't usually use black eyeshadow, because when you don't blend it good enough, it'll look harsh and you will look messed up with those makeup.

So I prefer using dark brown eyeshadow to make a smoky eyes look more natural.
And I created a minimalism makeup look as you could see the reference above, the red lips!

without red lippies 

I removed the black eyeshadow & the underline eyeliner to achieve this look, and thinner my above eyeliner as well.
Which one you prefer? :)
Let me know on the comment below!

The list of products I've used :
KIEHL'S Ultra facial cream
KIEHL'S Hydro-plumping Re-Texturizing Serum Concentrate
L'Oreal Liquid Concealer
SILKYGIRL Eyebrow Pencil
MAYBELLINE powder foundation
MAYBELLINE powder compact
MAYBELLINE gel liner
LT PRO Pencil Liner
ELIANTO black & light brown matte eyeshadow
NYX Mosaic Powder Highlight
THE BALM blush on
BODY SHOP Honey Bronzer
MAC Mineralize Powder
GUERLAIN poudre de soie
MAYBELLINE colorburst no.301
REVLON red lipstick no.725

Contact Lenses from EYELOVIN.COM French 3 Tone Grey
Use a code-voucher : "liaoct" for additional 5% off discount with NO MIN. Purchase & NO expiry only by ordering via WEB :)

Lashes from SILVERSWAN LASH in 202 APONI

Okay so this is the end of the post..
I promise will update my blog  more often yaa :')


Thursday, August 20, 2015

Hair revolutions

Hello everyone,
as you all know that I am kind of hair color freak.
I often change my hair color once a month, well maybe once in current two months long.
As you can see on my instagram acc, many of my friends always said that my hair is always change color. HAHAHA (like a bunglon) :p
So here it is my hair revolution or.. transaformations!

From darker to lighter ad lighter and liiiiiggghhhhttteeeerrrrr...
I bleached my hair 1,5x last time to get that greeny ASH color last time, and now it back to blonde.
Oh my..
I was thinking to get it done to ash again soon!
And sorry, I didn't arrange the right hair color transformation below.
But as lighter as you see, my hair is now blonde and NOT ASH ANYMORE.
Damn :(

So that's all for today,
I wish I could write more post on my blog, but i just lost my aunt last 3 weeks ago..
May she rest in peace!